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CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS (C-A-T) is a simulation of a malleable, hyper-reality through digital drawings by artist Reza Hasni that are brought to life by interactive studio Screensavers. The exhibition is influenced by the natural and artificial world equally and finds sacred harmony in both - geometric ratios and dancefloor raves. At C-A-T, visitors are invited to interact with over five distinct virtual worlds that are set in the current time of expanding cyberspace.

C-A-T is presented by MAMA MAGNET. For more details, email info@mamamagnet.org

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Reza Hasni’s works are a contemporary reflection of our world and its unseen energies. Patterns of sacred geometry form core themes, along with influences of 90’s Internet pop and club culture.

His illustration and animation practice feeds into collaborations in music, installations, augmented reality and fashion around Europe and Asia. Reza is currently based in Berlin.

@reza.hasni rezahasni.net

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Together, Screensavers and Tengo La Firma have created a digital home for the artworld of Reza Hasni.

Screensavers is an interactive and web design studio based in Singapore.


Tengo La Firma is a futuristic music artist based in the EU. Her sounds deconstruct the elements of urban music and she recreates natural and artificial environments in harmony and anarchy.


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MAMA MAGNET is a counter-culture consultancy strategising and producing multimedia art programming on accessible themes. Our work - both online and offline, offers diverse perspectives that archive our time while creating encounters for the community to navigate unconventional futures.

@mama.magnet mamamagnet.org

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